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BERND HORAK. Born in 1964 in Salzburg/Austria. Until 1990 studied art at David Garde, Jörg Immendorff and Christian Ludwig in Attersee. Until 1996 development of his oeuvre, performances and films. Until 2004 painting and multimedia-shows. Worked while living in the United States, China, Great Britain and Germany. Horak put "Art and Economy", "Art and Fine Food" and "Art and Construction into practice. National and international awards in art competitions.

As from 2005 book presentations monographs, the series "Multiversum and "Movement-Meeting" arise. Experiments with the "colour" wine. Horak became a protagonist of painting with wine.

2006 patenting of - Vinorell - paintings with pure red wine,- which is presented as the first registered form of art. Since 2007 assignments for Salzburg Hospital (SALK) for artistic creation and configuration of diverse departments and hotels.

Successful presentations of Vinorell i.e. in the Miele Gallery Salzburg, the international wine fairs "VinAustria" and "Vinova " (Salzburg & Vienna). Action paintings i.e. with the German Media star Detlef D! Soost.

In 2008 the series "Zeitwerk - Timeworks" is developed and operates with the styrian winegrower "Weinhof Rauch". The special wine serial "Vino Vitalis " is introduced and Horak designs the labels for the bottles. As from 2008/2009 the series "Zeitwerk - Timework" is developed and will be presented i.e. Vienna, Villach,Salzburg (Austria), Cologne, Calw, Berlin (Germany) a.s.o...

Colours for an artist are a showcase of coming into one's own. They combine intention and motive for people that like to study paintings. The Vinorell arises from this close and procreative relationship. Actually the creator of Vinorell is the wine itself.

The established Vinorell achieves its uniqueness and quality using the idea and transformation done by the Austrian artist Bernd Horak. We take this opportunity to invite you to take a look at this idea and we hope for positive approval.

Vinorell brandmark

Because of the artist Bernd Horak's degree of maturity his creations are, like a good wine maturing, highly appreciated.

His career and his degree of maturity does not start with the "invention" of Vinorell, his work stems from the early 80s, when his paintings were close to the Vienna Phantastic Realism.

He maturated in the 90s, after studying art to the "New Savages" to be highly recommended with many art collectors as part of the "Ad-hoc".

Horak is an artist on an international level, because his exhibitions have been located in Austria, Germany, Italy Luxembourg and Great Britain, as well as China, Japan and the US.The introduction of his works in national as well as international collections confirm the cultural value of his works.
Bernd Horak at work with Vinorell

Vinorell - Paintings with pure red wine
The registered trademark Vinorell means to paint with pure red wine. The owner of the trademark and inventor of the technique Vinorell is Bernd Horak. He developed a method to conserve the colour and ingredients of the wine on the paper or canvas.
Vinorell is based on the derivative of the word "aquarell" (water colour), whereby instead of using water colours it is painted with red wine. Depending on the sort of wine and region there is a high contrast spectrum of red, brown, violet and including some yellow and green.

The painted Vinorell. What is most important, is not the hours of laborious attention to detail, but the short periods of high concentrated and developed work . The Vinorell requires a sophisticated technique, clear conception and courage and does not allow for insecurities, hesitation or reputation. Speed, ability and coincidence are the aspects that lead to an explosive effective painting. Balance and spontaneity, condensation of technique and decomposition are equal to each other in Vinorell and produce an aesthetically pleasing result of dimension, origin and quality of the wine and the art.
The curator of the gallery in Saarbrücken/Germany Marlies Tharmann wrote: "Bernd Horak is an artist who moves like a hunter within the imagination of the visual memory. He knows how to elaborate figures and concreteness out of unexpected, almost anarchical applied spots of color. While he speaks of his colourful oil painting and of the characteristic recontoured gestures, he maximises the expression of form in Vinorell while reducing the composition of the painting.

In this style and the associated syntax of the colourful paintings awesome creations are developed. They are not perceived as burlesques, nor are they masquerading, ironical or subject to communication, as some quick contemplator may see. The world of Bernd Horak's paintings are homage to the big spirits of art and wine.

Exhibitions in Austria:

SALZBURG (A) VinAustria Vienna (A) Bank Austria Lounge SALZBURG (A) Miele Galerie Vienna (A) Vinova, Messe Neu SALZBURG (A) SALK-Labor WELS (A) Europa Center Vienna (A) Canon Business Center GMUNDEN (A) Villa Toscana ST. WOLFGANG (A) Scalleria SALZBURG (A) Esszimmer BAD SCHALLERBACH (A) Atrium LINZ (A) Canon Business Center SALZBURG (A) PrivatMedizinischeUniversität SALZBURG (A) Pro Juventute - Galerie WIEN (A) Design Center Austria LINZ (A) Hotel Nike KLAGENFURT (A) Austrian Art Association SALZBURG (A) Galerie im Zwerglgarten LINZ (A) AWD Österreich BAD ISCHL (A) Kulturwoche Bad Ischl INNSBRUCK (A) Penz & Larch GRAZ (A) Canon Business Center SALZBURG (A) Schloß Kleßheim WELS (A) Kunsthalle der VKB SALZBURG (A) SALK -III. Medizin SALZBURG (A) Congress-Center

Exhibitions - Europe:

HANNOVER (D) Galerie Prisma DUSSELDORF (D) Galerie Bergmann FRANKFURT/M. (D) Vision Direct MUNICH (D) Galerie Agnesien LUXEMBOURG (LUX) Theatre des Capouzin TRAUNSTEIN (D) Städtische Galerie JESOLO (I) Galeria ATP, Sala Tintoretto KARLSRUHE (D) Schlosshotel Karlsruhe FRANKFURT/M. (D) Galerie im Plus ROSENHEIM (D) Galerie Wolfbeisser FRANKFURT/M. (D) Burger & Krier LONDON (UK) Webart Gallery MARXZELL (D) Hotel Marxzeller Mühle VERONESE (I) Festspielausstellung BERLIN (D) Galerie Eigenart BONN (D) Kunstraum XI SAARBRÜCKEN (D) Kunsthaus HANAU (D) Point of Art HALLE (D) Galerie Treppe BRUGGES (B) Galerie Ars Novis SIEBELDINGEN (D) Akademische Werkstätten


Museum of Fine Arts Hintersee Bernd Horak

Hintersee 38/ A-5324 Hintersee/Austria

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Exhibitions - World:

HONG KONG (VCR) The Repulse Bay LOS ANGELES (USA) Brentwood Art School GLENDALE (USA) Chewy Chase Gallery SAN FRANZISKO (USA) The Hank Gallery TOKYO (JPN) Digital Creators Contest NEW YORK (USA) Unusual Gallery of Arts OSAKA (JPN) International Trienal BEJING (VCR) Open Art Gallery SCHANGHAI (VCR) University of Open Art